Trusted Paving Professionals

Visalia Pro Paving has decades of experience providing professional asphalt paving services to homes and businesses in California. Our experienced paving crews treat every home and property like their own, and take great care with every step of the paving project.

We know that smooth, long-lasting asphalt pavement is important. Having pavement that is smooth and safe makes for a more comfortable driving experience, increases safety, and also makes a great first impression. To this end, we provide asphalt installation and maintenance that is both affordable and high-quality. You can be confident that we will do a good job the first time.

Commercial and Residential

Whether you have a large parking lot, or short driveway, our paving crews have the tools and experience necessary to provide quality services. We work on every size of asphalt paving project in Visalia, CA and the surrounding areas. Using our years of experience, we provide long-lasting solutions for crackfilling and sealing driveways that will keep them looking great and extend their life. We also install new construction industrial parking lots. We do it all and take pride in the work we do.

Quality Work

Our paving contractors take great care with every job we do. We use the proper tools, high-quality materials, and clean up after ourselves when we are done. With years of experience under our belt, we know the best procedures to use in every project and can provide expert advice. If you’re not sure if your parking lot is a candidate for resurfacing, or if you want to know if it’s time to reseal your driveway, we can help! We look forward to finding the best, most cost-effective options for any upcoming paving project you have.

Free Quotes

Contact us for free estimates on any asphalt project! Our experienced estimator is happy to provide a free consultation and quote. We will take into account what material is currently laid down on the property, the most economical repair options, current asphalt and labor costs, and provide you with an accurate quote and professional advice. Contact us today to get started!